Nice work if you can get it

According to The Mercury (subscription needed), taxpayers have had to cough up more than R10 million  in legal fees for Robert BcBride, the former MK commander and head of the Ekhuruleni metro police (see breakdown below provided by Legalbrief). That the taxpayers have to foot the bill is bad enough. But how can it possibly cost R5.24 million to defend yourself against a charge of drunken driving and defeating the ends of justice? Or R2.19 million to obtain a temporary protection order? Who are the lawyers that charged these fees? And why did the municipality approve them? The lawyers involved should be exposed for the parasites they are.

Litigation: McBride’s legal fees stand at more than R10m A report in The Mercury says documents in its possession reveal the cost to ratepayers of former Ekurhuleni metro police chief Robert McBride’s legal woes is R10.02m. In a detailed response to a Promotion of Access to Information request by the paper, the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Council has broken down the price tag: R5.24m for McBride’s defence on charges of drunk driving, defeating the ends of justice and fraud; R2.08m for the disciplinary action against McBride’s ‘clean-up’ team, Ekurhuleni Metro Police officers Stanley Sagathevan, Patrick Johnson and Itumeleng Koko; R2.19m for the temporary protection order application pursued against McBride by Sagathevan, Johnson and Koko’; and R503 582 for McBride’s successful court application for an order compelling the state to give him all dockets containing information about Sagathevan and his colleagues’ alleged criminal activities. The report says according to minutes from the Ekurhuleni council, if he loses his drunk driving case, McBride will be obliged to pay back his legal costs.


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