Is Dan Roodt a racist? Judge for yourself.

Dan Roodt, the “Afrikaner freedom fighter” and master of hot air, is suing Die Burger for calling him a racist. Roodt wants R600 000 in damages for a letter and a column which, he argues, defamed him by implying that he regards himself as superior to other racial groups, and discriminates against people on the grounds of skin colour.

Personally, I think Die Burger was spot on, but have a look at Roodt’s blog and and other writings, and judge for yourself. A tip: he refers to President Barak Obama as “America’s half-blood prince” (borrowing from the pathetic American racist “journalist” Steve Sailer) and that apartheid benefitted blacks (by giving them free education!!).


Some evidence to inform your judgment (From the Freedom Fighter’s blog):

“…black failure and white success may be ascribed to a difference in attitude. But just like two individuals may differ in both attitude and ability, it is certainly admissable that races, too, may differ not only in attitude but also in ability. How much of the one can be explained by the other?  (…)  Blacks generally prefer parties and festivals because a lot of them lack the mental ability to excel at such demanding subjects as mathematics and natural science which require logical reasoning and cognitive ability.”

(See also my latest update on this issue.)


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  1. Dan Roodt says:

    Die Burger kry ‘n bondgenoot…

    Ongelukkig het die werklikheid ‘n manier om wêreldvreemde siele soos Robert Brand soms wreed te ontnugter as hulle self slagoffers van Suid-Afrika se endemiese geweldsmisdaad of selfs regstellende aksie of transformasie word.

  2. ossie says:

    He is an unintelligent damn racist

  3. selwyn marock says:

    Dan Roodt is speaking for 90% of white south africans and probably a very large percentage of black south africans.
    I was able to create more homes for people of colour while nats were in power than I could after 94.I was a member of the D.A. not a Nat,so my dealings were not based on corruption as it is today in SA.

    • Robert Brand says:

      Selwyn, if Roodt speaks for 90% of white South Africans when he says things like this, then 90% of white South Africans are racists:

      “Blacks generally prefer parties and festivals because a lot of them lack the mental ability to excel at such demanding subjects as mathematics and natural science which require logical reasoning and cognitive ability.” (From his blog:

  4. selwyn marock says:

    Robert ,I certainly am not racist ,must admit the Government’s BEE policy is a disaster and the majority of the blacks are in the same boat as the whites,only the super-elitists have their own luxury-cruiser.

    • Robert Brand says:

      I agree that BEE hasn’t worked but that does not mean I believe that blacks are racially typified by stupidity and laziness.

  5. Enos Mbodi says:

    He is so backward it is not funny.I watched him on TV this morning and I could not believe my ears when he wanted to feed the nation some “braai vleis” comments by his cronies as ‘facts’.Those comments were probably a direct result of intoxicating stuff normally consumed in braais.If his IQ is up there with the ‘best’,then I have a reason to believe the IQ does not make people better thinkers.Rascism is written all over his comments on blacks not being capable thinkers and the inavailability of whites in most previously colonised African states as catastrophic.I say that is hot air escaping under the breath of some highly schooled educated fool.

    • Michael says:

      Enos, I see it is hard for you to face the facts. I stand 100% with Dan. For how long will whites be blamed for the incompetence of the majority? If they spend less time and energy on blaming the whites for their past, they’ll have more time and energy to spend on education. After all, that is what they need. It is also senseless to change names and then say they are rectifying the past. They must accept who they are and build on that. That is possitive thinking and they lack it big time. You can change whatever you want, but not the reflection of the mirror.

  6. selwyn marock says:

    Robert I am not suggesting that at all,but to put a scalpel in my hand and call me a neuro-surgeon does not do me any favours,I would undoubtably fail and kill a few people in the process.
    Eskom by the Goverment appointments of incompetents will be a perfect example of hardships that all will suffer whites and blacks alike that will result in South Africa not coming out of the recession.

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  8. BigL says:

    It is very shallow to talk like that on a public forum. Nowadays we really do not need such racial discriminating comments especially from such a well respected man. To a few white kids he is possibly going to be a role model, but that would send us back to the very discriminating era. anyone who agrees with this guy is as shallow and narrow minded as mr Roodt is. We do not need such comments on the public domain, period. He is a racict and his education amounts to very little if he still believes in those ideologies.

  9. selwyn marock says:

    BigL.I was very impressed with the show today on SABC 3,mainly because my impression of this channel that it was provided to promote J.Z. and the ANC exclusively.
    I have never met Dan Roodt personally so I could only judge him on what he said on today show,in your opinion did he say anything that was a lie or in any way untruthful? I did not think so.
    The 2 points I gleaned from the discussion.
    1) Reverse Racism which we all are aware of.
    2)”The Peter Principle” Where indiviuals are promoted to
    their highest level of incompetence,which is very much self evident.Every Parastatal in South Africa has been financially ruined.
    In conclusion how this can be construed as Racist is a mystery.

  10. bigjohn says:

    The overwhelming reaction on the comments made by Dr. Roodt on TV2 says it all. People are fed-up with the failure of the ANC government! They are just looking after themselves and their cronies. The rest of the the folk are either ignorant or too scared to state their case. People are getting slaughtered daily in this country, basic services, (health, education, transport, electricity etc. etc.) are in shambles! It is about time that someone speaks out against this, isn’t it? If a white states something, its racism. If a black says: “kill a farmer, kill a boer”, its blamed on the past!!

    • Robert Brand says:

      Bigjohn, I didn’t see him on tv this morning and I may even agree with some of what he said. But criticising the government or BEE is one thing; stating that blacks as a race are stupid, as he has, is another. The former is acceptable in a democracy; the latter is racism.

    • Patriot says:

      Which black person do you know who has said “kill a farmer kill a boer” in recent days? Tell him a black guy said he is stupid and racist. Now, what message would you like me to deliver to your white counterpart who called me a Kaffir yesterday?

  11. bigjohn says:

    What do we call the killing, raping and maiming of innocent people in South Africa?….. apartheid?…hunger?… political crimes??? Death somehow always have a reason and can be justified.
    I think we must look at the realities of this situation and stop trying to be politically correct all the time! We need to unite against the common enemy… People are dying while we are debating and labeling each other!!

  12. Peter Worman says:

    I also watched the show on TV2’s AM Live this morning and Roodt did say that Africans lacked the mental ability to grasp technical subjects such as maths and science but did not call Africans stupid.
    It seems most of the above bloggers ability to listen to what the man was really saying was clouded the minute they perceived what he was saying as racist. I believe we need to have many more open discussions like this because I think most South Africans are racist as we were all brought up that way and we wont be able to rise above this challange until we acknowledge this fact and start being honest to one another about our feelings. Personally, although I didnt agree with some of what he said I have to admire his courage in appearing on national TV and expressing his real feelings despite the knowledge of how politically incorrect it was.

    • Robert Brand says:

      Peter, he said blacks “lack the mental ability to excel at such demanding subjects as mathematics and natural science which require logical reasoning and cognitive ability” = “blacks are stupid” in plain English. And why is it worthy of admiration when a bigot “has the courage” to say things on national television that he knows will offend a lot of people?

  13. Allan Banfield says:

    The South African Concise Oxford Dictionary defines racism as:
    The belief that there are characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to each race
    Discrimination against or antagonism towards other races

    I have only encountered Dan Roodt on the www yet fully understand where he is coming from.

    First and foremost he is an Afrikaner and as such is a member of the most oppressed ethnic group in South Africa. A study of history will show their suffering at the hands of the British, Xhosa, Matabele, Zulu, once again the British, and post 1994 all the black tribes of South Africa.

    Like the Israelis they are a small ethnic group who in terms of nation building and commercial success have punched well above their weight.Unlike Israel the Afrikaners do not have a benefactor in the form of the USA to underpin their sovereinty and survival. They have to paddle their own canoe.

    Therefore if he says that blacks are collectively stupid he is correct. This statement can be measured against 5 very visible bench marks. (1)The list of Noble Prize winners in science, engineering and business. The constitutional and developmental performance of countries like (2)Liberia, (3)Sierra Leone, (4)Haiti and (5)Zimbabwe.

    Allow for the fact that most of the time he is speaking in a foreign language (English) and has not mastered the art of the uni-lingual English in bland pc platitudes and spin doctoring.

    His comments are really a lament at the incompetence, corruption and self indulgent excesses of the ANC government. What is particularly galling is that the government of a viable nation was transferred in the mistaken belief that the ANC had the expertise to govern responsibly. Worse still their incompetence is funded by tax revenues generated by the minority white community’s commercial competence.They control 90% of the economy and create the majority of taxes – and see virtually no benefit acrue to their communites.

    So in (South)Africa’s case, point 1 is quite correct when compared to European caucasians and their descendents colonising the New World
    As for point 2. This was started by the British in South Africa when they took the Cape by force in 1806, imposed their class system on the Afrikaners and coloureds, went to war against the Xhosa, the Zulu and the Boere, culminating in the genocide of 27,000 defenceless women and children in the Anglo-Boer War concentration camps.

    Today the world observes Holocaust Memorial Day each year. Similarly the Afrikaners are fully entitled to remember their history and lament the loss of their country and sovereignty to a bunch of incompetents.

    • Robert Brand says:

      Allan, I am actually an Afrikaner and there is a short Afrikaans word that accurately describes your whole comment: kak. Go and look it up in the dictionary.

      • alpha beta says:

        @ Robert

        Since 1994 there are 300,000 dead South Africans who may want to agree with some of Dan’s points of view.
        Within that figure there are about 40,000 dead white South Africans who have lost the chance to offer an opinion.
        Within that figure there are 3,100 dead Boere who will never be able to produce your groceries any longer.
        Today about 11,000 commercial farmers are left out of 80,000 in 1994 who are still prepared to risk their lives trying to feed the nation. Be prepared to pay more for you food as local production declines and more has to be imported.
        Another 800,000+ south africans have decided that much as they love their motherland it is not worth living there any more. Most of them are entrepreneurs and professionals and their skills are probably lost to the nation forever. Their departure has resulted in increased unemployment.
        They are the lucky ones for there are another 800,000 (mainly Afrikaners) forced to live in squatter camps as their white skins have brought about their expulsion from the job market. They depend on charity and begging to survive for the government refuses them assistance as they were “previously advantaged”

        What do all these numbers have in common?

        They are the physical manifestation and results of the policies delivered by the people that Dan Roodt criticises. At the same time unemployment within their own constituency increases as they fail to deliver on their election promises.

        So while the lofty critics on this BB call him racist, in reality they are actually denying some unpalatable truths.

        Instead of resorting to swearing to put correspondents with a contrary viewpoint down on your blog, why don’t you refute his allegations with some hard statistical evidence?

        Dit spyt my dat dit nodig is om vir u te vloek om u punt te stel. Vir n’ dosent wat media etika leer is dit ‘n baaie swak advertensie vir u departement. Ek is bly dat ek nie een van jou studente is nie.

      • With reference to your summary dismissal of Allan Banfields “whole comment” as “kak”….

        Given that his comment is composed of several different passages, most of which cannot be easily denied, to dismiss his remarks in their entirety as “kak” is “collectively stupid”.

        His reply begins with a with a dictionary definition of “racism”.

        this is “kak”?

        He goes on to compare the situation of Afrikaners as similar to the Israelis except, unlike the Israelis, they dont have a powerful benefactor.

        this is “kak”?

        He then points out the complete lack of black Nobel Prize Winners in the categories that are, er, important?

        this is “kak”?

        He then points out that DR was speaking in his 2nd language at which he may be less adept with transliterating into the required PeeCee soundbites.

        this is “kak”?

        He then mentions the “incompetence, corruption, and self-indulgent excesses of the ANC”, all of which is well-documented and, from what I have perceived from your own comments, something you largely agree with.

        this is “kak”?

        He points out that 90% of the economy and the majority of tax revenue comes from the white community who get little if anything in return.

        this is “kak”?

        He closes by saying that Afrikaners lament the loss of their country to a bunch of incompetents.

        As an Afrikaner you may choose to dispute this, but I would wager heavily that you would be in a tiny minority.

        As his closing remark would seem to be the only point of contention maybe you
        should have the decency and courage to withdraw your comment which was not only insultingly ignorant and, 100% kak!

    • Peter says:

      Allan, I think you’re right and Robert Brand can’t see what a full-on assault certain (bitter) black racists are doing to destroy everything the Afrikaaner ever built up, regardless of the damage to SA.

      I’m a recruitment consultant and corporates will often state quite brazenly that they will interview “anyone except a white male” for this position.

      Some posts go unfilled for months while at the same time we have white candidates who either start their own business (where they’re forced to take on a black partner) or they apply their skills and knowledge in the developed world.

      Just as one can never defend the racism dished out under apartheid, no one can defend the current racism being dished out under the current dispensation.

      Who will break the chain and make SA a truly non-racist country. If you vote ANC in the next election, it certainly won’t be you and you may have to apologise in the future for supporting a racist regime (sound familiar?).

  14. Teboho says:

    Daniel Francois Roodt is a delussioned post Apartheid white man. He is an educated politically miopic man who shy away from telling the truth. Why doesn’t he tell us that he was educated by the sweat and toil of the African men who built, cleaned and maintained the institutions he attended, and the humiliation of the African women who coocked his suppers and washed his sweaty shirts and snort and stinky underpants until he became a man. Why does’nt he acknowledges the fact that he was privilleged to have an exclusive protected upbringing, exclusive education and a father who became an accountant because of abundant wealth created for them by the state of Apartheid. He was not born of a proletarian family and me and him were born four years apart so, we are of the same age group. He was born of a middle-class family and cannot see or reason beyond that life. In his life there’s never been any need to change the system of governmemnt until “white privilleges” are not state instituted. That’s why he calls himself a “revolutionary”. To fight for the re-instatement of white privilleges. It is a short-sighted, backwards counter revolutionary to “his own so-called revolution”. We know that it’s not his fault or “whites fault” that there is an economic divide between Blacks and Whites. That it’s not whites fault that many Blacks leave in dire poverty and the governmemnt is struggling to address that. We know that “no White person” in South Africa today supported Apartheid.

    There will never be Apartheid again in S.A. and if Roodt thinks this country does not deserve to normalise socio-economics and close the social status gaps between Blacks and Whites in this country, he can simply pack his bags and go to New Zealand or Australia.



  15. Yes we ned to stand together as a nation to fight crime and poverty. Poverty will not make you and me sleep well in our homes when someone does not know where the next meal will come from. They will steal, rob you and kill (armed robbery). So, to create a conjusive atmosphere where everyone lives in peace, it is not only the government’s duty to fight poverty, help build the economy and relations. It is all citizens who value peace. Stop complaining about BEE as reverse apartheid, you have more than enough to last you a lifetime.

  16. lizo says:

    hey mann, kak is kak guys does not matter how you sugar coat it. being given enough respect by not being pulled away from the screen was too much respect that the guy did not deserve. i still do not believe that there are people who actually agree with the ideology of this prank.

  17. KG says:

    I must say, i happen to hear some of roodt utterances this morning, I couldnot belive that a man of Dan`s stature was still trapped in the 80`s refusing to come to terms with the new democratic dispensation. It is clear that he is very angry that majority of the population in this country are now afforded opportunities to realise their ambitions in a free society. What is schocking is how do SABC afford the likes of Dan so much airtime to continue spitting such backward thinking.

  18. Ntuthuko Mazibuko says:

    It is rather unfortunate that we always have to go through such talk in this country. It is rather ironic how certain people within the afrikaaner community are complaining that BEE is reverse apartheid, mind you they never complained when everybody within their broederbond, and colour scheme, were reaping all the riches of this country and excluding all other groups from all economic activity, Mr. Roodt BEE will not going away until we have reversed all the injustices of past done to all groups of colour. Infact stats prove that more white people have benefited from BEE than us people of colour. I have a failure of understanding how then white people are being excluded from economic activity if all of them still stay in exclusive suburbs. The injustices of the past can never be erased in just fifteen years, when we have been oppressed in our land for more than 350 years. No Afrikaaner is being excluded out of anything, if anything we are promoting them, look at the education system, some of our kids including myself were forced to study afrikaans as a second langauge, irrespective of whether i would ever use it, is that in itself not a continuation of apartheid in a sense. Mr Roodt if you don’t like the situation presented to you in SA, you can always go back to the Netherlands or where ever your fore fathers came from.

    • Here´s some history they wont teach you at school but is available in libraries if you are willing to search for it. (somehow doubtful)

      This “350 years of oppression” the ANC continually re-girgitates is a historic lie. Before the large gold discoveries (1886) and the huge employment opportunities which your “Bantu” (Nguni if you prefer) people rushed to fill and be happily “exploited”, >95% of blacks lived under tribal rule where they were almost completely unaffected by colonialism.

      350 years ago most of “South Africa” was populated by Khoisan peoples who your ancestors were busily annihilating. A few centuries earlier, before the Bantu invaded from the West, the Khoisan occupied the entire east of Africa up to Abyssinia and possibly beyond.

      The % of South Africa´s territory that was occupied by Bantu in the mid 17th century is disputed but was indisputably much less than 50% – more likely 20% or thereabouts. The Bantu have no historic claim to the western part of South Africa which they didn´t begin to infiltrate until about 100 years ago.

  19. Sean says:

    Hmmm.. If I read some of the things Roodt says they are all very controversial but in my experience (even as a coloured man) they are not necessarily un-true. Is he racist for saying something that may be brutal but still the truth?

    It has become okay to say derogatory things about “you people, white people..” (as Malema) often puts it but it apparently is not okay to hi-lite things that are technically true but not politically correct.

    As for him being a racist, I think its the pot calling the kettle black. We say we’re against racism but did you know that our law says that only black South Africans (including me) are allowed to solely own their own company (if turnover more than R5m now). That is racist, pure and simple, whether I get to benefit or not.

    Why should white brothers of mine have voted Yes in the Referendum that brought in the new SA only to be targeted and victimised now because they are white.

    Lastly, Teboho’s point that white people have enough to last a lifetime just illustrates the generalised prejudice that all white people are wealthy or that they never had to work hard to earn whatever (the little) that some of them have.

    Stop the racism guys! We’re all South Africa, don’t make our white brothers become disillusioned or by the time we realise what value they add (or added) it may be too late and we’ll just be another African state plodding along.

    The world is a hard place to make it and we need white South Africans alot more than they need us.

    • JJ says:

      Sean, it is with people like you that we could all build this country. Where do we find more people of colour that think like you?

  20. selwyn marock says:

    KG you query how the SABC could afford Mr Roodt so much airtime,unfortunately through BEE SABC can afford little else.They are BROKE,no money,like all other Parastatals.
    But quite seriously this debate must not turn racist but rather an understanding between 2 distinct sections.
    1)The Super Elite that are bleeding this country dry with Corruption and Stupid and Ridiculous business decisions.
    2) Normal Blacks
    3)Normal Whites

    2 and 3 are rowing in the same boat now,when this government screws up Eskom,(1) does not suffer but 2 and 3 do,they have to pay for it.In fact every screw-up made by 1 has to be paid for by 2 and 3.

    An example Tokyo Sexwale was in Zimbabwe in December at a Zanu-PF meeting pledging ANC full support to Mugabe and Zanu PF-courtesy of the newspaper Zimbabwean.
    Now how much is this going to cost 2 and 3 apart from the ANC’s total disregard of human lives in Zim they would rather protect 1 individual Robert Mugabe.
    Tells it all.

  21. lizo says:

    with the understanding that Mr Roodt represent a very minute faction of our society who do share the same sentiments that he does, we should not be following blindly. I disagree with any one who is against the idealism of BEE. If there would be section or government department which would go out monitor and enforce what the BEE concept stands for, we would not be having this argument. The word BEE now has turned to mean the same thing as that American slang BLING. It does not stand for what it was established to do. The concept of BEE was there to reverse the inequalities of the past and ensure fair access to the economy for everyone especially the “PREVIOUSLY DISADVANTAGED”. There were farmers “WHITE” on the news this morning complaining on the news about them being targeted by criminals. I do not mean to sound as if I am for reverse racism, but for them to actually say that “we are the core of this country’s food supply, so the government must do something to ensure our safety” unquote was a little naive. Crime is a very serious problem in our country. By them saying that, they are basically excluding themselves from the society and actually living in their owm mythical state. Let us look at this whole race issue from a totally different perspective. Saying that we should not play the RACE CARD, will not cut it this tym arround. Racial discrimination imposed on us by white people is the reason we are in this mess in the first place.

    • JJ says:

      my dear lizo you have to understand the term “racism”. Why is it that people always think that it is only whites that are capable of racism.I believe it is because that is what you are taught from a young age. Why are kids born after 1994 suffering from this same racism. I have traveled the world and let me inform you that there is racism evident where no white man has ever been allowed. There is racism in Iran Iraq, Saudi you can name many countries, and in most cases it is racism between different tribes of the same colour and belief system. There is racism between the Xhosa, Zulu, Swazi etc, stop using the white population as your scapegoat!

  22. selwyn marock says:

    lizo first no-one I know beleives apartheid was correct.
    I am not going to suggest that BEE is not correct but I do not beleive the intention of BEE is to create a few dozen Billionaires and to Hell with the rest of the masses.We are approaching 16 years down the road now and apart from the few I mentioned who is actually better off.The “Previously Disadvantaged” their title has now changed to the “Current Disadvantaged” just many more of them.

  23. alpha beta says:

    @ Teboho

    How sad that you trot out all those worn out old cliche’s to put the white man down and defend the lack of performance by the black man.

    Let me elaborate:

    Firstly, let us look at the original intent of apartheid as described by Dr Verwoerd. His English translation of “Separate (and equal) Development” succinctly defines the policy. Unfortunately in it’s dying years it degenerated into clinging to power at any cost.

    You say:
    Why doesn’t he tell us that he was educated by the sweat and toil of the African men who built, cleaned and maintained the institutions he attended.
    I say;
    Firstly he was educated by his own sweat and toil and conforming to the rules of the white Afrikaner society of which he was a part.
    The people who built, cleaned and maintained his institutions were working in paid jobs created by the white man. No one forced them to do this work. They could have remained in the homelands as subsistence farmers or created their own businesses there – as was Dr Verwoerds intent.

    You say:
    the humiliation of the African women who cooked his suppers and washed his sweaty shirts and snort and stinky underpants until he became a man.
    I say:
    Most white people are quite capable of cooking for themselves Out of compassion for the black man they created jobs as cooks, maids and gardeners to get them started in the economy of an industrialised society. Again; no one forced these people to do these jobs. They took them because that is what was available and that is what their skills set enabled them to do.
    Also, most white youths had to do military service. We all did our own washing and ironing there and did not consider it humiliating work.
    Later on in married life our white wives, with the aid of labour saving devices, keep house, cook, wash and iron. They do not consider this humiliating work.

    You say:
    Why does’nt he acknowledges the fact that he was privilleged to have an exclusive protected upbringing, exclusive education and a father who became an accountant because of abundant wealth created for them by the state of Apartheid.
    I say:
    Go and read some Afrikaner history. After the Boer War the Afrikaners were a destroyed, destitute and demoralised people. Unlike black people that did not feel sorry for themselves, toi-toi and burn down what few resources they had. They understood the value of education, knuckled down and worked hard to uplift themselves to compete as equals with the English who were suppressing them. The material benefits that Dan Roodt enjoys today is the result of at least 100 years of concientIous effort and support from his family and his own hard work. Success does not drop out of the sky overnight.

    You say:
    He was not born of a proletarian family, and me and him were born four years apart, so we are of the same age group. He was born of a middle-class family and cannot see or reason beyond that life.
    I say:
    Once upon a time white people were the proletariate in South Africa.
    Explain to me why two different ethnic groups occupying the same space, with the same resources, over the same period of time achieved such totally different results.

    You say:
    In his life there’s never been any need to change the system of government until “white privilleges” are not state instituted.
    I say:
    Take a look at Mandela, Tambo and Tutu
    They all progressed within a system of “white privilege” as you call it.
    They were educated in institutions created, funded and managed by the white man. They earned qualifications and went into occupations – law, teaching, Christian Ministry – that did not exist in black society until the white man arrived in Southern Africa.
    Just exactly what is that you are trying to say?

    You say:
    That’s why he calls himself a “revolutionary”. To fight for the re-instatement of white privilleges.
    I say:
    He is articulating what many white people feel.
    In the run-up to 1994 and the freedom of the black people, white people were lead to believe that black people were equally as competent as the whites were in managing the infrastructure of an industrialised first world society. The last 16 years have conclusively proved that this is not the case.
    An uninterrupted electricity supply, clean safe drinking water, working sanitation systems, well maintained roads, the rule of law etc are not “white privileges”. They are the fundamental building blocks of a first world society, paid for by the taxpayer for the benefit of all citizens of the nation. The incumbent government is supposed to spend the tax revenue on maintaining and expanding these services.

    You say:
    We know that it’s not his fault or “whites fault” that there is an economic divide between Blacks and Whites. That it’s not whites fault that many Blacks live in dire poverty and the governmemnt is struggling to address that. We know that “no White person” in South Africa today supported Apartheid.
    I say:
    Stop comparing the lot of the black man in South Africa to that of the white man in South Africa.
    Compare it to the lot of the black man in the rest of Africa, Haiti and the Aboriginals in Australia. There is no apartheid, and there has never been any apartheid in these territories.
    Explain to us why they are actually worse off than the black man in South Africa

    You say:
    There will never be Apartheid again in S.A.
    I say:
    We all know that.
    It died formally in 1990 when De Klerk repealed the legislation.
    It died informally long before that. I shared university classes with black people in 1970 and worked alongside black colleagues from day 1 of my working career

    You say:
    and if Roodt thinks this country does not deserve to normalise socio-economics and close the social status gaps between Blacks and Whites …..
    I say:
    That is what the ANC is supposed to be doing
    Incidentally that is what the National Party (“evil apartheid regime”) was also doing
    Just look at the houses, schools, hospitals, (for black people) dams, power stations, roads, railways, harbours, airports and telecommunications infrastructure the Nats built.
    I know what I am talking about as I was part of the process that procured these assets for the benefit of black people.
    Just look at the millions of jobs white entrepreneurs created for black people.
    Just look at how the black population exploded as a result of these benefits (3m to 35m in 90 years)
    What are you complaining about?

    You say:
    …..he can simply pack his bags and go to New Zealand or Australia.
    I say:
    That is exactly what 800,000 white people have done.
    The result of this exodus is that more black people than ever before are now out of work. The average life expectancy of black people has declined by about nearly 20 years. Health care, education, law and order, roads, water, electricity service delivery have all declined.

    Is this The New South Africa that you want?
    If so then you are revealing your ignorance and actually supporting the very point of Dan Roodts thesis.

  24. JJ says:

    Mr Brand for a university lecturer you have a foul mouth, and can not handle it when people like Allen Banfield states the obvious thruth. It is people like you that give the Afrikaner a bad reputation. If you can’t handle the truth, then maybe you should close your blog and go teach those that you defend.

  25. Mike says:

    I don’t think most white South Africans want a return to apartheid like SA blacks seem to obsess over.

    They simply want to get away from blacks, period. While having their own homeland in SA that’s exclusively for them. Are you saying white Afrikaners don’t deserve their own land? That sounds terribly racist.

  26. Haitian american says:

    To the people talking about Haiti as an example of Black failure, I suggest you do some research. You will see how the White nations of the world conspired to keep Haiti from gaining an economic foothold. You will also find many succesful Haitians in Haiti, the US, France, England etc… The fields that they are succesful in include Science and Engineering as well as music including Rap.

  27. chris P says:

    mmm…. ja nee, ek stem nie saam dat Dan Roodt n rasis is nie. nee, dalk verward en n klein bietjie ignorant. Dan is verseker besig om n golf van self geregtigheid te surf al die pad tot in sy ondergang, sy eie mense (die wat na sy snert luister) gaan op hom draai. die mense is so verveeld met hul eie bestaan dat hul nie kan klaar kom sonder drama nie.

    op die snert wat hy geskryf het… as dan so n kenner is, sekerlik sou hy weet dat sy kultuur, sy opvoeding en als wat hom maak wie en wat hy is generasies kom.

    die swart man is nie minder as dan of enige ander mens nie, dan moet net verstaan dat wat vir hom generasie tot generasie agter gelos is is nie die selde wat vir n swart man gelos is nie. en as dit al daai generasies se kennis vir dan so ver gebring het sal ek se hy is bietjie agter die swart man in opvoeding… after all die swart man het sy opvoeding maar net n 100jaar of so…. DAN se super intellctual opvoeding wat hy glo is superior help hom niks….

    BTW, @ DAN, weet jy wat gebeur met false profete?

  28. Enos Mbodi says:

    I have read a lot of ‘weak comments’ empowered with a generous usage of words,historical background(cut to very sbjective pieces) and very racist and stereotypical hogwash.The issue of white superiority is not necessarily as glamourised as has been in the past.So,whoever is using his ‘spit’ to polish this is not going to be an intellectual unless people are drinking benzine and calling it coffee!Even black people like me cant wish for anything but a non racial society.

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