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Jameson’s Raid (Elizabeth Longford). This country could have been a very different place it it weren’t for the avarice of Cecil Rhodes and his henchmen Leander Jameson,  Alfred Beit and Lionel Phillips. Jameson’s filibuster scuppered an imminent compropmise between Kruger and the Uitlanders and set the course for a racially divided South Africa. Why did Nelson Mandela ever agree to link his name with that of the arch-imperialist and racist crook Rhodes?

Dot.con (John Cassidy). About the dotcom bubble. Now old history, but deju vu: “Walt Disney, Time Warner, and News Corporation each owned a wide broad range of assets – newspapers, magazines, television stations, broadcast networks, film studios, cable networks – but many of these properties were now widely regarded as antiquated, The old media itself was full of pieces about how the old media was doomed. Many of these pieces were ill-considered, but they prompted the media barons into action.” That was in 1994. Billions of dollars later (remember AOL-Time Warner?), it is still the same old story.

Nog altyd hier gewees (Herman Gilliomee). The story of Stellenbsoch’s brown community. Ouch. We do this to these people and then expect them to forgive and forget?


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  1. Dion Forster says:

    Thanks for the brief reviews / teasers! I have just bought ‘Nog altyd hier gewees’ and look forward to reading through it.

    Thanks for the great blog – I appreciate looking in on it every so often.



  2. Why did Nelson Mandela ever agree to link his name with that of the arch-imperialist and racist crook Rhodes?

    Obviously so that he could plunder his trust account..! Wouldn´t you, if you could?

    btw – the former “Rhodes Building” in Wale St has been re-named the “Mandela-Rhodes Building”, yet whereas the lobby is suitably graced with a statue of St.Mandela (made of Chicken Wire approprately) proferring a “Bible” named “Democracy” to his deluded disciples – there is not a single picture or bust, and certainly not a statue of Mr Rhodes. Why dont they just go the whole Stalinist hog and remove Rhodes from history entirely? I suppose next in line is the Rhodes Memorial.

    You know where this ends dont you Robert?

  3. What about Mandela – a convicted terrorist who plotted planting bombs and killing innocent people? In any other African country he would have been executed or would have died in a filthy jail – if not tortured to death – dont forget that! His soul and reputation was saved by him being safely in whitey´s jail – otherwise he would have been there with his boxes of matches with his ex – enthusiastically incinerating all and any alleged “collaborators”.

    If we were to judge all historical events and personages with modern morality yardsticks all statues and monuments would have to be removed.
    Is that what you want?

    Francis Drake one of my great heroes was one of Englands first slave traders – so all his statues and references in positive references in history books would have to go, if they havent already been edited by academic neo-marxists like yourself.

    The founding fathers of America were all slave owners. Abraham Lincoln thought blacks were inferior and could not possibly live alongside whites.
    He made some pretty damning remarks during his election campaign.

    The list is endless.

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