The answer is… yes, Dan Roodt is a racist

Some months ago, I asked in a blog posting whether Dan Roodt, the self-styled “Afrikaner Freedom Figher”, is a racist? I asked readers to follow his blog and judge for themselves.

In the past week, that blog posting has been attracting a storm of traffic, for reasons unknown to me. Roodt has in past had kind words about me, so I had a look at his blog for clues. I found none, but I did come across the following statement in one of his posts, which I offer as evidence for the benefit of readers still making up their own minds:

“…black failure and white success may be ascribed to a difference in attitude. But just like two individuals may differ in both attitude and ability, it is certainly admissable that races, too, may differ not only in attitude but also in ability. How much of the one can be explained by the other?  (…) Blacks generally prefer parties and festivals because a lot of them lack the mental ability to excel at such demanding subjects as mathematics and natural science which require logical reasoning and cognitive ability.”

I rest my case.


Ah, the mystery is solved. Dan Roodt appeared on television this morning talking about the failure of the government’s BEE policies. His words must have struck a cord, because it prompted a host of Google searches on his name, which brought people to my blog. Thanks, Dan.


14 Responses to The answer is… yes, Dan Roodt is a racist

  1. David says:

    I watched Dan Roodt on TV this morning. I don’t know much of him and therefore listened to his views objectively. Because he is critical of what is happening in this country and places reasons for this he is called racist. Is it a coincidence that; most black scholars are failing in school,that high profile black politicians are always in the news for some serious criminal allegation, that black execs that are heads of large parastatals are underperforming in their jobs. Roodt is merely telling some truths which most people won’t or cannot admit. A lot of whites today are disillusioned as to what’s happening and most would not vote as they did in the referendum of FW de Klerk. There is a definitive shift to the right by whites and a hardening of attitudes. Whites are tired of seeing the country and its assets being fritted away, to sit on the sidelines and being denied to make a meaningful contribution.

    Also this morning on Talk Radio 702 a black caller asked the question; why are most (not all) black people untidy and unclean regarding their surrounds i.e areas of living.schooling and shopping? Well you should have heard the call backs from black listeners calling this most ridiculous and this has to do with poverty and survival and not race. Well – you be the judge of that.

    I think the 20 year anniversary since the unbanning of dissidents is a wake-up call for everyone and to take serious stock of ourselves and be honest with ourselves.

    I saw the movie Invictus recently and this moved me emotionally because this is what we want to see in leadership which is sadly lacking today.

  2. Robert Brand says:

    David, to answer some of your questions: no, it is not a coincidence that many (not most) black pupils are failing at school. Our school system is dysfunctional. And it is true that heads of some parastatals have underperformed. They were probably the wrong people (not the wrong race) for the job.
    There is a big difference between criticising the performance of black pupils/politicians/CEOs and saying, as Roodt has, that blacks as a race are stupid. The former is acceptable in a democracy; the latter is racism.

  3. Makena says:

    I think Roodt is one of the few bitterly disgruntled spoilt white brats, who, for a very long time hid behind apartheid. He holds PhD in Afrikaans, because he could study in his mother tongue up to that level. The way the country it is today, people like Roodt are to be blamed. First, his government designed unequal levels for different races, on what basis today is he drawing comparison between races. 110 is required to do that. A very ignorant intellectual, in a rank of Malemas. A racist!!!

  4. Anthony Rawdon says:

    Malema an intellectual? I think to be one you would at least have to be able to spell the word without using a spell-checker. I would happily wager R1000 of mine to R100 of your that he can´t, not even in writing (can he write even?). Any takers? Thought not!

    And is Makena also saying that Malema is a racist?
    Oh sorry, I forgot that in the minds of most blacks only whites can be racists..! (which, paradoxically, is a racist belief in itself if you think about it)

  5. Jan says:

    I am a racist and very proud of it. There is nothing wrong with being a racist. You should try it. I do not apologise for apartheid or being a racist.
    I enjoyed apartheid to the fullest and the end of it was a tragedy. Since the black baboons took over everything changed for the worse. The blacks will always stay inferior to the white race in all aspects of life. All that they can do better as us is fornicate, steal and murder. Makena, blame me as well, I do not care.

  6. braniac says:

    The biggest issue facing us today is where each of us stands on the issue of racism. No issue is more sensitive then the issue of racism. No issue is more controversial, more touchy. Racism has truly shaped the way everything in our world works. However, it is the far too common misconception of the word “racism” that really has me worried. When one thinks of the definition of “racism”, one thinks that it is the act of believing that one race is superior to another. This automatically triggers a reaction in one’s mind that sets of the alarm sounding, “White man! White man! White man!” One thinks of slavery, segregation, apartheid etc. With todays understanding of the term “racism” or “racist”, it would appear that only whites have the ability to be racist and blacks shall forever be victims of racism. While I’m not disputing the fact that blacks may have suffered hardships in the past, I must wonder how long the past can be used as a scapegoat for abject black failure. No matter what a black person does, there is always justifying it. It’s always because of their situation, or because the white man did this or the white man did that. Does one not stop to wonder why blacks can never take responsibilty for blacks? Let me get straight into giving examples.
    Liberals generaly feel immensely sorry for the blacks and are more willing to hold whites responsible for black failure. Conservatives hold blacks responsible for black failure but also hold whites responsible for white failure. Which seems more fair? I agree that there are extremists like Eugene Terre’blanche who fail to accept responsibility for white failure. So, he rightfully gets villifued as a racist and an extremist. However, liberals seem to have nothing to say about the blacks that behave in this mannor. The Jesse Jacksons, the Al Sharptons or the Julius Malemas etc. These people get classified by liberals as “advocates for black people”. Can you name me an advocate for white people? Of course you can’t. For whites to have an advocate, that would be incredibly racist. That is a huge double standard. The common explanation for these double standards is that blacks were oppressed in the past and deserve extra rights now. Surely people have to stop looking at the past and look at what is happening now.
    In America, recent crime statistics state that on average, 37 000 white women are raped by black men per annum. This averages 100 per day. The average amount of black women that get raped by white men averages 10 per year. To blame this on poverty would be simply idiotic. How can rape help one escape poverty? Why is it so difficult to acknowledge the fact that black males have higher levels of testosterone, thus making them more prone to commit sexual or aggressive crimes? Despite this being a proven truth, the liberal will dismiss this as “scientific racism”.
    Are blacks and whites equal? No. Blacks and whites are not equal. This does not have to be a bad thing. People are very quick to say “We are all equal”, but they are also very quick to admit that blacks are better at basketball and running etc. I am willing to admit that. I, a white man, believe that blacks are better then whites at basketball. Why then is it so horrid to say that whites are better at science and mathematics? When you say this, people say things like “Blacks were kept uneducated” or “Blacks didn’t have the same oppertunities”. Why can’t we just say “Blacks are better at basketball and whites are better at science”? Why do whites have to be the ones who have to be okay with being inferior at something, but as soon as you point out where blacks are inferior, you are racist.
    Another thing I notice is how blacks, mostly American blacks, frequently rant about how the white man stole his culture. Blacks talk about how whites try act like rappers, how whites want to play basketball etc. Let’s not forget, who invented the microphone? Who invented the computer? You need these to be a rapper. Whites invented them. Who invented basketball? The answer to all the above: White people. White people invented the microphone, the computer, the recording studio, the transistor, basketball, you name it! Almost everything we use today was invented by whites or Asians. This should justify the thought that white people are better thinkers and more likely to produce successful developments. Another thing is how blacks say that blacks built America from the ground up. While the blacks might have been the labourers, who thought of developing America? Who wrote the constitution and the national anthem? It was whites. Whites didn’t steal from other culture to progress their own. Whites took advantage of less developed peoples. Before you, dear reader, go off on a rant about how the colonialists kept blacks dumb, I’d like to ask you to think about the country Haiti. The last time there was a population of whites in Haiti was 1804. Since then, blacks have had the right to do whatever they want with it. Why have no great scientists come out of Haiti? Why haven’t any life-saving medicines or vaccines been discovered by black Haitians? Why doesn’t Haiti have amazing basketball players and super smooth rappers? Because the obvious reality is that blacks do not have the development skills that whites have. Again, this does not have to be racist. Blacks have good survival skills and knowledge of the wild. Whites are okay with that. Why can’t it be okay for people to acknowledge that whites are stronger on the academic side of things.
    The average black American I.Q is 85 compared to the average white American’s 100. The biggest excuse for this is the “cuturally bias” theory. This theory suggests that the I.Q tests are written by whites, therefore favouring white students. If this is the case, then why do Asians and Indians have higher I.Qs then whites? If the tests are culturally bias towards whites, why do other non-whites score higher? This leads me to my next point.
    For decades, blacks world wide complained that they didn’t get the same education as the white man. After tons of fighting and struggling, blacks finally have the same oppertunities in education as whites. So what do blacks do now? They say that everything is favoured towards white culture and we don’t learn about black culture enough. Now, blacks used to be taught about black culture and they complained that they didn’t have the same education as whites, so we give them they same education and it’s too white for them. That is absolutely pathetic in my opinion. In school, all we learn about is how evil the white man is. We learn about slavery and apartheid. We don’t learn about the wrong-doings of blacks. We don’t learn about the things the blacks used to do before whites arrived in Africa. We don’t learn about how they used to kill eachother with spears, beat their wives for entertainment and rape animals. But we learn about the KKK and anti-black movements. Other subjects like mathematics and science, are just ways of life. You need to study these subjects at school. These two subjects are the ones blacks frequently call bias towards whites. I don’t understand this. Maths is maths. It’s numbers. If we are all equal, we should all be able to understand numbers the same. But to call numbers bias towards whites is a clear example of another excuse for black failure.
    I mentioned America’s rape statistics earlier, and if you look at South Africa, you will find the same picture. Since black rule started in 1994, more then 3000 white farmers have been murdered. There are many reports of HIV positive black men purposely raping white girls to give them the virus. It also isn’t hard to find reports of police intimidating and raping white women. We frequently look at the past and what whites did to blacks. Can people please wake up and look at what is happening today? Yes, whites have done wrong in the past, but blacks are doing most of the wrongs today and this issue needs to be adressed. No matter what country you live in in the world, if there is a fair ammount of blacks in that country, most of the crime will be committed by blacks. It’s a simple fact.
    In conclusion, I feel that today whites are the victims of racism. Good men are losing their jobs because of Affirmitive Action, white civilians are being raped and murdered in an anti-white crime wave. Big companies like Vodacom don’t allow white people to invest. Banks like FNB only give employees children’s college scholarships to non-whites. Black communities start movements to buy things from only black-owned businesses. So much anti-white discrimination is simply tolerated and accepted as the norm of todays society. Liberals especially need to stop with their white guilt. Be as nice as you want to blacks, but don’t condone things that are anti-white. How many blacks condemn blacks for the crimes they commit today? Not many. There might be a couple, but most blacks sit back and use the “you oppressed us” card. Most liberals use the “we oppressed them” card. Do you liberals not stop to wonder how raping, murdering and spreading AIDS is going to solve the problems created by the past? What if your father was a farmer who has been killed in the anti-white farmer genocide?
    I just wish whites could unite like black people did. Why do so many whites insist on bringing themselves down with white guilt? It isn’t racist to acknowledge that blacks commit most of the crime. This is a truth, so you can’t be racist for acknowleding it. Stand together white people. When united, we can make this world such a wonderful place.

  7. American says:

    Racist, schmacist.

    I disagree with Mr. Roodt that blacks are inherently less capable than whites.

    However, I don’t see how calling Mr. Roodt a name is constructive.

    You know what would be constructive? Presenting evidence to the contrary.

  8. American says:

    By the way it’s “struck a chord” not “struck a cord.” It’s a musical reference. Best to avoid cliches, however.

  9. I disagree….that blacks are inherently less capable than whites

    The mindless regurgitation of the equalitarian mantra that blacks are inherently as capable as whites is puzzling when the evidence to the contrary is so enormously overwhelming. So one has to ask why, in public if not in private, virtually 100% of white people pay lip service to this absurdity?

    Of course we all know the answer to this seemingly incomprehensible paradox. It is the FEAR of being labelled a racist, a fear as dread as that of being labelled a heretic in an earlier period when truth was also no defence against the dogma of religious correctness.

    With the benefit of hindsight, we know how invidious that fear was both for science and society. And we rightly consider that period to have been an era of darkness and tyranny in which countless “heretics” suffered cruelly at the hands of the inquisitors whose mission then (now) was to “root out heresy (racism) in all its forms, wherever and whenever it appears”.

    “Racism” – a modern “deadly sin” – an invention of the neo-marxist left that is barely 80 years old – is simply the old sin of “heresy” re-incarnated for new uses, a tool with which to intimidate, suppress, and ultimately liquidate those who dare dissent from the prevailing political orthodoxy – which is “the innate equality of all mankind”.

    In this modern morality play on the side of darkness and ignorance are “racists” who question or deny the holy scriptures of the god of equality.

    Aligned against them are the forces of light and goodness, so-called “liberals” heartily in favour of freedom of speech providing they agree with what is spoken. And self-righteous “anti-racists” – holy warriors and latter-day inquisitors on a mission to “root out racism in all its forms wherever and whenever it appears”.

    “But it is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”

  10. alpha beta says:

    @ Robert Brand

    At the start of this thread and on the latest update you were quite vocal in defending the indefensible.

    You have now gone very quiet. Why so coy?

    As you work right at the coal face of education perhaps you could enlighten us on a few facts.

    Probably the most common defense of black performance in SA post 1994 is that:
    “they were not given an education”
    “the Nationalist Govt. spent less per head/black student than it did per head/white student”

    Now, the Govt also spent less per head/Indian student and yet they have had no problem in performing academically in The New South Africa.
    Why do you think that is so?

    I visit the web site of my old school in KZN from time to time and have noticed an interesting phenomena. Incidentally, during the apartheid era when I attended this school it was 100% white. Today it is 90% black. So the comments below are based on:
    same environment
    same facilities
    same staff
    same curriculum
    for all students – black, white and Indian

    Shortly after 1994 in the matric results section, all the names and the results of the candidates who wrote the exam were published.
    It was quite clear that the Indians were top of the class followed by whites followed by blacks – where all the failures were.
    Today they just publish the number of candidates who wrote the exam, the number of passes and the number of failures.
    I wonder why?

    It seems to me that the excuse; “they were not GIVEN an education” is barking up the wrong tree.
    The question that should be asked is; “Who GAVE the white man his education?” – before he came to Africa and before the apartheid legislation.
    The answer, if we are honest, is nobody GAVE the white man anything.
    He figured it out for himself, copied what he saw as good from the people he traded with, recorded his knowledge in books and then passed it on to successive generations from the educational institutions where this knowledge had been deposited for safe keeping.

    Further evidence of this flawed thinking is gained by taking a look at the performance of 3 other African nations.
    Haiti – which expelled all white influence and became a democracy in 1804
    It has been free of any white oppression for 206 years
    Liberia – which was established as a sanctuary for freed slaves and became a republic in 1847
    It has been fee from white oppression for 163 years
    Sierra Leone – a British Colony until democratic independence in 1961
    No formal apartheid type policies ever existed here so it is fair to say they have been white oppression free for about 180 years since the Hut Tax revolt.

    By all economic indecies it would be fair to say that these countries are basket cases which have also not produced any major inventions which have impacted positively on the progress of the rest of mankind.

    If you compare their development with that of Europe over the same time frame and more recently with the Asian Tiger economies, we have to ask the question:
    What is the reason for this lack of development and progress – given the amount of financial and technological aid they have received from the west in the last 50 to 60 years?

    Can you shed any light on this conundrum?

  11. Desdomona says:

    Why are people speaking the truth about black people always called a racist? 16 years ago South Africa was a beautifull well organised and clean country and surely nobody can say that is the case today in South Africa – the filth in the steets – buildings – parks realy make me sick to the core and what about the corruption all over the show – is that also rascist to mention the truth.
    The ordanary black people are much worse of than 16 years ago while their leaders squander the money on expensive holidays cars and enriching themselves while millions dont have a slice of bread for the day – this never happened under white rule – am I a rasict for telling the truth?

  12. alpha beta says:

    No Desdomona you are not a racist.

    You are factualist – simply stating the self evident truth

    The real problem in the country are the left wing liberals
    They control the media and sit in their lofty palaces in the academic institutions and prescribe the way that we should think and behave.
    Common sense at grass roots level where most people interact seems to evade them

    Having said that do you notice how quiet they are now becoming?
    They have had 16 years to witness and monitor their Rainbow Nation dream unfold and actually turn into a nightmare.

    They are running out of excuses now to blame all of SA’s problems on the legacy of apartheid. Apartheid died formally in 1990 and informally quite a few years before that.

    So if we compare like with like we can say that formal apartheid lasted from 1948 to 1990 = 42 years
    Apartheid free South Africa has existed from 1990 to 2010 = 20 years
    In 22 years the books will be balanced but I will wager that we will still hear liberals bleating about the “legacy of apartheid” when in truth we will be living within the reality of their creation

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