As the title suggests, this is a blog about the media, journalism and politics. Before becoming an academic, I worked for many years as a journalist for newspapers and news agencies, both local (= South African) and international, which has given me a good understanding of the media industry and journalism. It has also made me aware of the shortcomings of journalism, something I frequently comment on. I believe journalists should be more self-reflexive – pardon the academic jargon – and critical of their own profession and craft. This blog, then, contains my musings on the media and journalism, and sometimes politics. Though often highly critical of media performance, I believe in freedom of expression and the media and recognise that the price of this freedom is, sometimes, putting up with journalism of dubious value.

My blog is also a way of publicising my academic research and other publications.

I am particularly interested in journalism ethics, financial journalism, the economics of the media industry, the influence of new media, and the role of the media in the political process. 

  • Robert Brand holds the Pearson Chair of Economics Journalism at Rhodes University, South Africa, and is the coordinator of research for the Centre for Economics Journalism in Africa. Before joining the university, he worked as a journalist for newspapers in the Independent News & Media group, and as a South African correspondent for Bloomberg News. He teaches economics journalism, media law and media history. He lives in Grahamstown, South Africa, is married to Anne and has two children, Nina (7) and Sam (4).

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